For companies & organizations.

For companies & organizations.

We assist companies and organizations in finding and implementing global mobility solutions. 

This means that we :

  • Identify the immigration requirements applicable to your foreign workers and directors. You can expect us to clearly advise on the possibilities to employ a foreign individual in Belgium, and on the best way to get there. We don't just list the options but give you a tailor-made solution.
  • Implement the preferred solution. We secure the necessary immigration documentation, by submitting work permit and single permit applications on your behalf. 
  • Elaborate compliance processes. We tell you what your company or organization has to do to comply with the highly technical and criminally sanctioned Belgian and EU immigration & employment rules. We can make Limosa declarations for posted workers on your behalf, and advise on obtaining A1-certificates. 
  • Never forget about employment  and social security law. We draft employment contracts, secondment letters and global mobility policies. We advise on Belgian and EU employment and social security rules. We have ample experience with the specificities of structuring and terminating international employment relationships, often involving multiple jurisdictions.
  • Bring families togetherEspecially in case of secondments or transfers from abroad, your foreign worker will usually want to bring his/her partner, children and sometimes other family members. We advise on how to do that.
  • Are by your side if things go wrong. We negotiate settlements if possible, but as fully-qualified lawyers we defend your interests before the Belgian administrative, employment or criminal courts if necessary. We also assist you in case of audits by the social inspection.
For companies & organizations.

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